The Benefits of Podcasting in Business with Lauren Smith of St. James's Place


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On this episode of Podcasting Smarter, our Head of Marketing John Kiernan speaks with Lauren Smith of St. James's Place Wealth Management. Check out how St. James's Place has brought podcasting into their place of work with internal podcasts, private podcasts, and company branded podcasts. Enjoy the episode!

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Timestamps: 0:00 Intro • 0:28 Who is St. James's Place? • 1:55 When did St. James's Place decide to start podcasting? • 2:35 St. James's Place podcasts - Public or private podcasts? • 4:35 When did St. James's Place decide on podcasting for internal • communications? • 10:16 How podcasts are used as a supplement for other comms tools. • 11:53 Who manages the producing, creation, and recording of podcast content? • 14:08 How to build awareness and engagement around internal podcasts. • 18:11 Hurdles implementing podcasts and how Lauren's team resolved them. • 20:56 St. James's Place's advice to businesses looking to bring on podcasting. Learn how to start a podcast with our easy step by step guide: Learn how to promote your podcast:

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