Opening Doors: The Path to Podcasting for Marginalized Genders Live Replay


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This episode is a recording of a live episode from Podbean's Storytelling Podcast Week and Podcast Smarter Live Events


For September, Podbean's Storytelling Podcast Week featured a live panel on creating more gender equity in podcasting in collaboration with She Podcasts as it was recently found that only approximately 30% of podcasters are women and marginalized genders.

This special LIVE panel hosted by Elsie Escobar of She Podcasts features special guests:

Haley Radke of the Adoptees On podcast

Danielle Desir Corbett of Women of Color Podcasters & The Thought Card podcast

Skye Pillsbury of The Squeeze ( and formerly of Inside Podcasting)

Ona Oghogho of the Blk Pod Collective, Blk Pod Festival and Adode Media

They speak here about how they were able to break into podcasting from both being in front of and behind the mic and share their journeys best practices and inspiration for everyone to start their podcast!

They also get into:

  • What common barriers to entry are in podcasting
  • How we encourage women and marginalized genders to break into podcasting as a career
  • What support and asking for support look like
  • The role that community plays within podcasting
  • What they have you learned along the way, in regard to podcasting, production and storytelling
  • How podcasting helps bring more awareness, gender representation, representation for POC and equity to everyone
  • The podcasts they're fans of and the stories they're excited to tell

Here is also the link to watch the video of this interview on Podbean's YouTube Channel.


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