Too Tired To Heal: Overcoming Recovery Fatigue


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Today, I’m thrilled to be joined once again by Dr. Clare Marriott. Clare is a Clinical Psychologist working in the U.K. In 2006, Clare completed her doctoral thesis, investigating factors promoting resilience in adults who have experienced childhood sexual abuse. Clare focuses her work on recovery, and in finding things that sustain people outside of the therapy room. During her time as a Clinical Psychologist, Clare has worked with people with chronic mental health challenges and is currently Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Interim Clinical Lead for the Recovery Pathway in Northamptonshire Healthcare Foundation Trust in the UK.

Clare first joined us in Season One of Overcoming Child Sexual Abuse, and we both realized there was an important conversation to be shared on Recovery Fatigue—how we keep on our path to all we want for our lives without feeling exhausted and so tired along the way that we give up, or lose hope. Our path is here for us to experience all the happiness and meaning we desire, so today, we’re going to talk about how to move through recovery fatigue, and share some learning and practices to help us keep overcoming our childhood trauma and move forward with energy, motivation, and the power of our unlimited possibilities.

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