Beyond Damaging Parents


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Today, we’re joined by the wonderful Dr. Lindsay Gibson. Dr. Gibson dramatically and importantly spotlights how the “emotional immaturity” of parents can hinder and hold us back in our adulthood, and how we can regain trust in ourselves and break free from the destructive and confusing effects of negative “programming” from childhood.
In her book, Who You Were Meant To Be, Dr. Gibson focuses on how people can reconnect with their true self and sense of purpose, especially after experiencing negative parental impacts in childhood. In her subsequent books, Dr. Gibson introduces “Emotionally Immature Parents” and provides learning and tools to overcome the impacts of these parents, and how to rely on our own emotional guidance, strengthen our self-awareness, and increase our energy to live a full, happy, and purposeful life in adulthood.
Dr. Gibson holds a Master’s degree and a Doctorate of Psychology in Clinical Psychology, and has also taught doctoral students in Clinical Psychology. She specializes in adult psychotherapy and personal growth counseling.

As Dr. Gibson highlights, “Your true self is so much more than your family role. Your past identity may have been formed in your relationship with your parents, but who you will become derives from your relationship to yourself.”

We went a bit longer on this podcast because you can imagine there was a quite a lot to talk about – so if you need to break up your listening, please do – because there’s great insights through until the very end!

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