Oil & Gas Revenue Boom, State of NM Fire Season & Nuclear Disposal Plan


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Senior Producer Lou DiVizio updates you on the headlines impacting New Mexicans right now, including an announcement from the state's Children, Youth and Families Department on changes coming to the agency.

Then, Gene Grant and the Line Opinion Panel weighs in on a new boom in oil and gas revenues and the delicate process of trying to spend that money.

Our Land Executive Producer Laura Paskus analyzes this year’s historic fire season with New Mexico State Forester Laura McCarthy. She explains why this year has been so devastating, and how we can use treatments like prescribed burns more safely.

Finally, the Panel debates the proposal to round up nuclear waste from around the country and store it here in New Mexico.

Host: Lou DiVizio

Line Host: Gene Grant

The Line opinion panel:
Dede Feldman, fmr. New Mexico State Senator

Diane Snyder, fmr. New Mexico State Senator

Kristelle Siarza, Siarza Social Digital


Laura McCarthy, New Mexico State Forester

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