Rio Grande Drying & NM Impacts from Catholic Church Apology to Canada


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Host Lou DiVizio recaps a weekend of events in Albuquerque, including the main event of TedxABQ. If you'd like to watch or listen to the facebook live interview between Gene Grant and Teresa Robinson, you can do so here:

Our Land Executive Producer Laura Paskus talks with Clifford Dahm, professor emeritus at the University of New Mexico’s Department of Biology, about the historic drying we're seeing along the Rio Grande. Dr. Dahm has been studying desert rivers for decades. He talks about the impacts of drying, what people should be paying attention to right now as the river dries, and what the future holds for desert rivers worldwide.

Then, Gene and the Line Opinion Panel explore possible solutions to a stark reality on the Rio Grande, where about 50 miles of the river are now dry in New Mexico.

And, New Mexico in Focus correspondent Antonia Gonzales speaks with two members of the National Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition for their reaction to Pope Francis’ apology to Canada over abuse at residential boarding schools. They address where New Mexico fits in this equation.

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