Setting Boundaries Like a Badass with Nancy Levin


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#17 Step into the game with the MA girls and take back the controls of your life by learning the importance of setting boundaries. They seem restrictive but you will find they’re actually expansive and are a critical matrix hack that leads to freedom in life and personal relationships. Nancy Levin is a master coach, podcast host, and best selling author of several books including her latest, “Setting Boundaries Will Set You Free.” Formerly the Event Director at Hay House for over a decade, she is the creator of Levin Life Coach Academy and Destination Me; offering in depth coaching and training programs designed to support students and clients to make themselves a priority by setting boundaries that stick.

Some topics discussed include:
Boundary setting, reframing boundaries as being expansive instead of restrictive, people pleasing tendencies, enmeshment, healing core wounds, what it’s like to live without boundaries, getting to know your limits, setting and holding boundaries, codependency, considering your own needs at least as much as considering the needs of others, learning to live in alignment with yourself, myths about crossed boundaries, not all boundaries need to be verbalized, no longer asking for permission, learning to make yourself a priority, saying no without feeling guilt or offering an explanation, children and boundaries, boundaries in new relationships, being your true authentic self, how self worth impacts net worth, setting boundaries with yourself, committing to daily rituals, and so much more.
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Podcast: Your Permission Prescription

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