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#16 Step into the game with the MA girls as they get to know the author of “Word Magic,” Pao Chang. After this episode, you won’t just understand, you will begin to “innerstand” the true power of words and their deeper meanings.

In a nutshell, word magic is the art of communication using sacred sounds, symbols, and hidden forces to direct and control energy to produce certain desired effects or motives. The reality we live in was created through the power of the Word. If you can “innerstand” words, you will quickly be on your way to claiming personal sovereignty and an accelerated mastery of the game.
Some topics discussed include:
Fundamentals of word magic, the deeper meaning of what words truly are and how they function, the power of the spoken and written Word, words as frequency/energy/vibration, the legal system’s use of words/the legal name game, spirituality and religion, the significance of The Bible, debtors vs. beneficiaries, natural matrix, artificial matrix, importance of free will and consent, deciphering the letters of the alphabet, the origin of language, social security numbers, legal names, and birth certificates, trust law, using the law to your benefit, countries and governments as corporations, money as a symbol of our energy and life force, the body as a vessel, word play, court as a game or sport, matter as an illusion, true reality is spiritual, how the Word became flesh, esoteric vs. exoteric knowledge, sound manifesting matter, DNA as a translated language, mind viruses/artificial programs projecting false realities, AI, the great awakening, deeper meaning of currency, decentralized crypto currency, 20 solutions to free mankind, protection of and assertion of God-given rights, claiming your estate, claiming personal responsibility by asserting dominion, and so much more.
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You Can Find Pao Chang:
Website: esotericknowledge.me
YouTube: Esoteric Knowledge

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