Millionaire MindHacking w/ Cameron Gallagher 🏆 Digital Nomad Podcast on Tim Ferriss type LifeHacks


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Mindhacking, lifehacking, mindset hacking, whatever you wanna call it, every entrepreneur knows mindset is important. From The 4-Hour Workweek concept of wasting your energy, low information diet, to the more philosophical tactics of being in tune with your best truest innermost self and projecting the best version of you out the the world. But it's not easy to figure out that deep psychology yourself, which is why I got a lot of value out of this chat, just from the questions that I'm now asking myself about the direction of where my mindset is projecting me to go. Cam is a mind hacker and also a digital nomad - he shares a bit about how he got interested in the topic coming from the world of sports, how he's worked with and seen case studies with New Zealand Olympic athletes, F-1 Racecar drivers, and now entrepreneurs. Check out his page to learn more about the 7-Day MindHacking challenge where he personalizes weekly and daily routines and mind hacks for success - I am definitely interested in it myself as we're on the brink of taking our Biz/Life to the next level. Would love to hear your thoughts below! Cheers! Watch the video version on YouTube:

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