How to Start an Online Business with a Facebook Group | Female Entrepreneur Digital Nomad Stories


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Don't forget to hit subscribe!! Join our slow-travel journey around the world – Almost daily travel vlogs + food + Q&A's + digital nomad podcasts. CLICK FOR MORE For dreamers who don't know where to begin, subscribe for Tips, Tricks & Realistic Advice to Jumpstart your Nomadic Lifestyle: Follow "It's all about List-Building!" If you don't know where to start, start a Facebook group. Tali got started without knowing anything about internet marketing - with a blog and a Facebook group, then a podcast. Take something that you like to talk about, and create a Facebook group around that. Then create a blog and maybe record a podcast or some YouTube videos. It's gunna suck at first, but you will learn as you go. That's half the point of it. It will get you into the blogosphere and slowly you will learn what others are doing and what's possible, and that it's not rocket science. Show your Facebook group your landing page where they can sign up for your email list. Pay attention to what people are asking and offer as much free value as possible. Then as time goes on you can offer some premium content and do a value-exchange for it (aka charging for it). Such as an e-book or online course. Or even a private mastermind group call. Rarely does someone's first business end up being a huge success, but you have to start somewhere. Just start.. hope you got the point;) Chiang Mai, Thailand 2017 Watch the video version on YouTube:

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