#142 Stop Blaming Your Market


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Struggling with your marketing?

Crickets when you post a video to social?

No one is visiting your website?

You've created the world's greatest lead magnet...

And not a single person has opted in?

It must be your market.

Really, it's the only logical solution.

Similar to your patient who has "tried" everything and even followed your advice to a T.

Yes, sure they did :)

When you have a marketing problem, the single most productive approach is to assume YOU, not your market, is the problem.

Even if you aren't the only issue, it's still the fastest, most controllable way to right the ship and get headed in the direction you'd like.

On today's episode of Life By Design For Chiropractors, Kreso and I get back together for a live discussion about markets.

What we covered

  • What is a "market"?
  • Could your market be a part of the problem?
  • What's the best market for Chiropractors?
  • The difference between a demographic and a psycho-graphic.
  • Real world examples of what's working in my practice, why it's been so incredible and how you can start doing it too.
  • Pitfalls from years of mistakes and a simple, yet significant, change in thinking that turned everything around.

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