#95: Jacob Tsypkin (Anarchos Training Methods)


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Jacob Tsypkin is the owner of Anarchos Training Methods. As a long time coach, he has helped people and athletes at every level in CrossFit, from being a former affiliate owner at CrossFit Monterey to helping athletes qualify for the CrossFit Games.

I first remember reading about Jacob's coaching when he coached the winner of the UK CrossFit sectionals, Owen Satterly, back in 2010. Jacob was one of the earliest adopters of remote coaching for competitive CrossFit athletes, with his most notable athlete being multiple time games qualifier Sean Sweeney. In addition to coaching, Jacob has organised his thoughts and methods over the years contributing writing to Juggernaut Training Systems and has done podcasts with Reactive Training Systems.

In episode 95 of the Legion Strength and Conditioning podcast, we discuss many ideas around managing the training of a competitive CrossFit athlete. Jacob shares his thoughts on balancing variance with repetition in training, explains his methods for creating more emergent styles of programming for his athletes and much more.

You can check out Jacob's work on Anarchos Training Methods website here: https://www.anarchostrainingmethods.com/

Jacob also writes a blog called Exercise Philosophy where he goes in-depth on some of the ideas we discuss on this podcast, you can find that here: https://www.exercisephilosophy.com/

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Show Notes:
  • [2:15] Balancing variance with progress through repetition
  • [5:20] Transference to training with individuals
  • [8:55] Diminishing returns with strength training in CrossFit
  • [10:00] Importance of resource management in CrossFit
  • [11:30] The profiles of different elite athletes
  • [14:30] Emergence cycles
  • [17:00] Designing mixed training via limiters
  • [23:00] Balancing the chaos of CrossFit using rational variance
  • [29:00] What is happening when people repeat a workout
  • [31:30] Making smaller changes to workouts to make training legible
  • [33:45] How to manage variation with beginners
  • [34:30] Importance of enjoying your training
  • [36:00] Being specific with gamified workouts
  • [39:34] Learning how to improvise for competitive CrossFit
  • [43:00] Sports specific practice in other Rowing compared to CrossFit
  • [45:00] How much training is iterative with Jacob's athletes?
  • [46:10] Where does Jacob start with athletes?
  • [51:00] Managing daily variance in performance with iterative training
  • [56:30] Cost of miscalculating expectations and pacing
  • [59:35] Phases of learning in pacing
  • [1:02:00] What Jacob is currently into with training and coaching

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