Nicolas Maduro and the Destruction of a Nation (Nicolás Maduro y la Destrucción de un País)


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Unless you’ve switched off the news for the past decade, you will probably have heard of the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Venezuela. With tragedies ranging from food shortages in the mid 2010’s to millions of migrants desperately crossing borders all over North and South America, this once wealthy region has fallen to its knees… and all of it thanks to the Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro governments.

But who exactly is Nicolas Maduro, and how did Chavez manage to accelerate the beginning of the end of this beautiful country? In this episode of the Learn Spanish with Stories podcast – written and narrated by Venezuelans – you will discover the story that led to Venezuela’s collapse, and find out just how a South American power was destroyed by the ambition and incompetence of a hateful, divisive leader.

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