Peru's Great Earthquake, A Colossal Tragedy (El Gran Terremoto del Perú, Una Tragedia Colosal)


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Peru is a land of wonderful food, fascinating historic sites and rich traditions… but not all of its history has been a bed of roses. You see, in 1970, a great but terrible event changed everything for this nation: starting as a soft swaying of the ground but soon transforming into the terrifying rumble and ripping of the earth which brought buildings crashing down into rubble and destructive landslides tearing through villages and cities…

The Ancash Earthquake, a 7.9 seismic event on the moment magnitude scale, is remembered not only as Peru’s most catastrophic natural disaster, but also the cause of the world’s deadliest avalanche. In this episode of Learn Spanish with Stories, we discover exactly what happened on that fateful day, and find out why experts fear it may happen again in the near future…

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