EP7: The inner workings of Westminster with Jess Phillips MP


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Birmingham Yardley MP Jess Phillips never intended being an active member of parliament despite being a member of the Labour Party. She is one of the most visible MPs which comes with many positive and negative impacts professionally and privately. On this episode of I've Been Thinking Jess shares learnings from her latest book, Everything You Need To Really Know About Politics, as well as what keeps her grounded and in touch with her constituents. Jess's website is here - www.jessphillips.net and her book Everything You Need To Really Know About Politics plus previous books are available now. Keep in touch with Peter on Twitter - @peterfrankopan and if you would like to leave a review please do and it will help others discover this podcast. Episode 8 sees Peter in conversation with author Tim Marshall. Produced, edited and mixed by @producerneil

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