EP6: Will Page on Economics at Spotify, artists controlling their product, and how Dolly Parton became a fan


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Former Chief Economist at Spotify Will Page is Peter's guest on episode 6 of I've Been Thinking. Peter and Will discuss his book, Tarzan Economics, and the examples within showcasing economics impacting music but also everything in our wider culture. Will reveals how streaming is changing the way music is written, how a high street chain we're all familiar with broke a hit record and why other older media streams should look at the music industry for clues as to how best adapt to the changing technological landscape around us. Please do subscribe to the podcast so you don't miss future episodes and a positive review is always appreciated. You can order Will's book, read further writing and listen to playlists curated by Will on his website - www.tarzaneconomics.com Peter can be contacted on Twitter, @peterfrankopan or via his website - www.peterfrankopan.com Produced, edited and mixed by @producerneil

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