Kristofer le Sage de Fontenay: Vice President, Insurance Leader UK, Capgemini: Innovation, integration and culture as core competence (204)


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Capgemini is an information technology services and consulting company partnering with businesses to develop innovation and integration solutions.

Matthew talks to Kristofer le Sage de Fontenay, the Vice President, Insurance Leader UK, to discuss the importance of company culture, the benefits of being technology agnostic and what this means in practice for Capgemini’s data capabilities. You will also discover some lessons on insurance and technology innovation from experiences of farming in extreme conditions.

Talking points include:

  • What a system integration company does and what differentiates Capgemini
  • How Capgemini is working with partners such as Guidewire and Duck Creek
  • How to foster talent and develop higher performers quickly
  • How Capgemini is managing sustainability and taking actions to reduce its carbon emissions

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The Learning Objectives for this podcast are:

  • Define what it means to be a technology agnostic business
  • Explain the role of traditional system integration companies during the implementation of new platforms
  • List some of the different actions that can be taken to reduce carbon emissions as a technology partner

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