ServiceNow’s Strong FY21 Q2 and How They Will Get Customers to Buy More


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ServiceNow posted subscription revenue growth of 31%, beat previous guidance, and raised full year guidance. ServiceNow also increased the number of customers paying over $1M per year by 25%. Not only is ServiceNow clearly executing to their land and expand strategy, but they are also having success pushing more products into the portfolios of net new customers as well. In Q2, the average deal size for net new customers grew over 50%. In this podcast, ServiceNow Practice Leader, Adam Mansfield, discusses where ServiceNow will focus to accomplish their goal of growing from a $5B company to a $15B company. This includes a sales pitch tied to selling a solution made up of pieces of each of their workflows (e.g., IT Workflows, Customer & Employee Workflows, and Creator Workflows) and a new purchasing vehicle, the Now Buying Program. He also shares how customers could potentially take advantage of some of these key insights in their upcoming ServiceNow negotiations and renewals. Host: Adam Mansfield: ServiceNow Commercial Advisory Services:

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