Customers’ Reliance on Microsoft’s Cloud Drives FY21 Q4 Success


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Microsoft once again beat both top and bottom line expectations as well as prior business segment revenue guidance. It is clear that Microsoft’s overall success and ability to achieve $60B in profit, is being driven by the success of their Commercial Cloud. Moving forwards, customers will heavily rely on Commercial Cloud and the products that make it up (Office 365, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, LinkedIn, Azure, Power Platform, etc.). As covered by both Satya Nadella and Amy Hood during the earnings call, Microsoft is going to push the full “stack” of cloud offerings and pitch it as the only solution for today’s businesses. In this podcast, Microsoft Practice Leader, Adam Mansfield, discusses how Microsoft’s focus on selling customers as many pieces of their cloud as possible will provide an opportunity for customers to optimize their go-forward commercial relationship. Host: Adam Mansfield: Microsoft Commercial Advisory Services:

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