Episode 13 - Ska Round Table Special


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Thanks for downloading Hit My Music! This week's episode is a special episode, as I've gathered four additional wrestling content creators to talk about one of our favorite genres of music, ska. Ed from Pod Van Dam, Chris and Matt from The A Show, and Peter DeLonge from Peter DeLonge Talks on YouTube (links below) have joined me for a really fun discussion.

We discuss our favorite ska bands, favorite ska albums, how Christian ska kept the genre alive, what bands are not necessarily our cups of tea, and a whole bunch of other nonsense. We even find out that Ed, unsurprisingly, has never heard of Serpico. There are a handful of really fun and interesting stories centered around ska scenes, and it's just a generally good time.

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Matt (The A Show Twitter Account)


The A Show

Wrestling Shorts With Peter DeLonge

Pod Van Dam

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