Episode 14 - Kevin ”The Man” Graham


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Thanks for downloading episode 14 of Hit My Music. This week's guest is Kevin "The Man" Graham, who I got to know when we were opponents during the Tournament of Champions on The A Show, on CKCC Radio. Kevin was a staple in east coast independents throughout the 2010s, and can now be found on Brain Wreck TV on YouTube. In our conversation, Kevin and I discuss his DJ father's vinyl collection, finding new genres/artists through a sort of reverse engineering, and learning to get past initial impressions of certain types of music. We also discuss trying to find the right theme for your first wrestling match, and the journey Kevin took in that regard, as well as discussions with friends and tag team partners about when it's right to change your music. If you'd like to receive these episodes early, check out my Patreon. Check Kevin out on Twitter. Brain Wreck TV on YouTube

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