Omada Health, Alex Mandel: On user motivation and leading a team


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Welcome our guest, Alex Mandel from Omada Health, ex-Google.

Alex Mandel is a designer, researcher, and product strategist.

A sneak peek into this episode:

- "With the additional bureaucracy, there are additional resources and you can, in some ways, solve bigger problems or at least have more resources behind aiming at these problems."

- "The tactic that we take is if you're in a lower motivational quality, the first thing that we need to do is raise your motivational quality. Ideally shifting from what we called, like extrinsic motivation, a financial reward, or whatever to the intrinsic motivation "I want to do this, so I can go on that bike ride" for instance.

- "We have managed to distribute ownership over the team processes across the team. There's actually only one design meeting that I lead."

Our guest:


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