Levels: glucose monitoring, wearable injectors and product testing


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In this episode, we are discussing glucose monitoring, wearable injectors, and product testing.

Our guest: David Flinner, Co-Founder of Levels.

Levels provide users with a constant glucose monitor (CGM) patch that attaches painlessly to the arm and can do real-time metabolism tracking via an app.

Levels website: https://www.levelshealth.com/


- We tend to launch things that are very early and get feedback. For instance, on Monday we launched a new sharing feature. I emailed all of our members to ask what they thought and I got a lot of feedback and we're launching a new version with a much improved different sharing functionality today.

- A big strategy of ours has been content and the content strategy is that we want to be true thought leaders in the space of metabolism for the general populace. There really isn't a lot of research on metabolism outside of diabetes management out there.

- One of the things that really drives our remote culture is this idea of asynchronicity. So whether it's an email or a Slack or anything the expectation is always that the person won't respond right away.

You have to plan ahead making sure that you supply all the details that you might need when that person finally gets to it. And I think that's been a really big key to our remote culture is not relying on people to be there in real-time. And then coming up with tools that fit into that new framework.

So we'll do video chats as well, but oftentimes they're video recording. So we'll trade back and forth video recordings with loom. Of course, we do have some synchronous meetings, but it's usually the exception rather than the rule.


How to find me? Maria Borysova, healthcare product designer: https://www.linkedin.com/in/maria-borysova/

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