Johanna Koljonen: How to Transform Storytelling Together


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Johanna Koljonen is a media industry analyst, broadcaster, writer and experience designer. She is also the author of the Göteborg Film Festival’s annual Nostradamus Report, which is an industry leading analysis of the near future of the screen sectors. I recently had the honour of being invited to participate in the 2021 Report (subtitled "Transforming Storytelling Together") and in this episode I took the opportunity to 'turn the tables' to ask Johanna about her findings and thoughts on the future of film and screen storytelling. Johanna is incredibly articulate and insightful about where things are heading within film and media on a global basis and there is so much valuable information in this episode for anyone involved in the business of storytelling on screen. As well as writing The Nostradamus Report, Johanna lectures internationally on changes in the media sector, as well as on participation and narrative design for games and experiences in analogue and virtual spaces. Her background is in public service broadcasting in Sweden and she serves on the board of the Swedish Film Institute. In 2011, she received the Swedish Grand Journalism Award in the Innovator category. Her latest book is Larp Design: Creating Role-Play Experiences (2019). More at The 2021 Nostradamus Report can be downloaded for free here:

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