Jeff Gomez: Building Franchises, Transmedia Storytelling and the Collective Journey


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Jeff Gomez is CEO of Starlight Runner and one of the world’s leading experts in story and narrative design. He works with executives, visionaries, and global leaders to develop vast fictional story universes on properties like Avatar, Pirates of the Caribbean, Transformers and Spider-Man This conversation is really an exploration of narrative design. In particular, Jeff describes how conceiving and developing stories as worlds that can be told across multiple platforms can unlock incredible value for creators and brands. We also discuss the movement of audiences to participants and how, as storytellers we can not only engage and learn from the audience as well as harness this incredible feedback in our work. This leads us to explore what Jeff refers to us the Collective Journey narrative modality which, he argues, is a more relevant way to think about story in today’s hyper connected world. We dig into what this means for film, for culture and how we are moving from Hollywood-centric storytelling to more global, diverse and inclusive narratives.

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