Primary Elections, Blackface Scandal, Murdaugh Evidence & Bowen Turner - Week In Review 6/10/2022


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We have been doing the ‘Week in Review’ for nearly half a year now and (incredibly) I have avoided saying anything overtly offensive or cancel-worthy.

Until this week …

In a failed attempt to insult Reddit users, I wound up doing a patently offensive imitation of Apu from The Simpsons – which is ironic because I was trying to imitate a Farsi accent, not a Hindi one.

Either way, the complaint department will probably be working overtime after this episode … because if that wasn’t enough, later in the program I insulted residents of West Columbia and Cayce, S.C. (but mostly those residing in West Columbia).

I will let you listen to see which body part I compared them to … (cringes).

It’s a shame I contracted such a severe case of foot-in-mouth because this was actually an informative, far-ranging show – one which covered a lot of ground related to next week’s partisan primary elections as well as the ongoing ‘Murdaugh Murders’ crime and corruption saga.

Hopefully, viewers and listeners will see (hear?) through the offending remarks …

Prior to signing off, I reached into our reader mailbag to share a few responses to our coverage … which is always an adventure.

Enjoy the show!

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