Jailhouse Calls, Election Results and Wesley Donehue Interview – Week In Review 6/17/2022


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Between this week’s partisan primary elections, a visit from Wesley Donehue and our receipt of dozens of Alex Murdaugh‘s Jailhouse phone calls – this week has been busy. Luckily, Will breaks it all down for us in this episode of the Week in Review.

Nancy Mace‘s victory in the first congressional district was the biggest news of Tuesday night, and was a major win for former S.C. governor Nikki Haley.

Former president Donald Trump scored a proxy-war win when Russell Fry, the seventh congressional district candidate Trump endorsed and campaigned for, defeated incumbent Tom Rice. Rice vocally opposed former president Donald Trump‘s role in the havoc wreaked at the capitol on January 6th 2021. Fry notably voted to increase the state’s gas taxes as a member of the South Carolina General Assembly.

Joe Cunningham, the gubernatorial candidate backed by the South Carolina Democratic Party (SCDP), defeated primary opponent Mia McLeod. Cunningham “does not have a path to victory in the staunchly GOP Palmetto State – which saw a red storm sweep across its political landscape in 2020 (and is likely to see an even bigger one hit it this fall if national trends hold).”

We also checked back in on Brant Tomlinson. Tomlinson ran for Kershaw County council four years ago, only to have his campaign sunk by a photo of himself in blackface that he forgot to take off of his Facebook page. Tomlinson ran again this year, and made it to a run off election on Tuesday. Count on FITSNews to keep you appraised of any future electoral developments for this wannabe Jamaican bobsledder.

We covered more than just elections this week. The FITSNews team received dozens of Alex Murdaugh’s jailhouse phone-call recordings. We’ve released Alex discussing: selling assets before a court can order him not to, being shot in the head and the conditions he lives in at the Alvin S Glenn Detention Center.

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