Designing Livestreams with Chuck Kostalnick (Heyaapl)


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Perhaps one of the most immediate changes brought by the pandemic was the move to living online. It seemed like the world was going virtual, as people in business, education, organizing, and those trying to maintain social connection became boxes on screens. As we put more time into being online, we often found that there is a difference between being in person and being remote. Something is missing in the virtual experience.

At the same time, there is this whole thriving online world in which masses of people regularly get together to view content, have conversations, and build community.

On this episode of Experience by Design, we welcome long-time livestreamer and content creator Chuck KostALnik, otherwise known as Heyappl. From his early days in 2012 making videos for YouTube, to his current Twitch channel, as well as his work with the open source product Firebot, Chuck has been exploring how to make virtual moments that matter.

We talk about seeing things from the viewer’s perspective, how dead air is not necessarily bad air, the danger of metrics, and digital brand management. We also talk about how products like Firebot can create “immersive theater”, and transform watching another person playing video games or “Just Chatting” into a unifying virtual experience. Finally we talk about creating inclusive experiences online, and the fighting back against flamers and hate raids.

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