Greta Fritz and Jacob Owen Interview Stacey Ackerman


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On this episode of Consumer Behavior Conversations, we had the wonderful pleasure of talking to Regional Managing Director at Wells Fargo. Greta a senior and Jacob a junior, both at NDSU, sit down with Stacey Ackerman to talk about her position at Wells Fargo. In this interview we will look deeper into Stacey’s role at Wells Fargo as well as some new trends in the banking industry. Also, Stacey gives us a detailed look at her past experiences as well as her path to Wells Fargo. Stacey’s interesting path includes a degree in English and Anthropology. Stacey started at Wells Fargo right out of Masters School in 1998 as a Senior Trust Officer. She loved the culture and atmosphere of Wells Fargo so much that she has been there since started in 1998. After the interview we were given great advice for our future careers and letting us know how to stay motivated in times of hardship.

One of our main goals for this podcast was to better understand a market that we were not familiar with. Also, we were very interested in learning about what a Regional Managing Director does, and how her position ties to what we have been talking about in class. This was a very fun project and interview that we got to participate in. Throughout this podcast we both improved our skills in interviewing, and preparing for an interview.

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