PodTalks with Logan and Trent featuring special guest Kayleigh Biloki


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On this episode of PodTalks, we get an inside look at the newly promoted Manager and former Senior Financial Analyst at CliftonLarsonAllen. Trent Midthun, a junior studying marketing & sales at North Dakota State University, and Logan Ackerman, a senior studying construction management at North Dakota State University, get an opportunity to sit down with Kayleigh Biloka, CPA. Throughout the podcast listeners get a chance to see how Logan and Trent relate to Kayleigh, though they are studying unrelated subjects.

Kayleigh Biloki graduated from NDSU in 2012 with her Bachelors of Science in Accounting and then proceeded to get her Masters of Accountancy from NDSU in 2013. She interned at Arthur Ventures while attending school here, and then interned for CliftonLarsonAllen in 2014 following her graduation. She has climbed the ranks at CliftonLarsonAllen since then, and in November got promoted from Senior Financial Analyst to Manager in Chicago, Illinois.

Throughout the podcast, we strived to find out about Kayleigh’s experiences at North Dakota State University and were curious about her key takeaways from her time as a student. Kayleigh went in depth about her day to day operations as a Senior Financial Analyst, and discussed with us the unique skills that she has learned from her work experiences that are valuable and useful to individuals in all fields of work.

It was a joy to sit down with an energetic and upbeat individual like Kayleigh! We are very excited to share this experience with you and hope that enjoyed Kayleigh’s insight into the business world. Please subscribe to PodTalks for more upbeat and informative content like this!

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