Ep. 24 - Vocal Technique from the Stage to the Choir Loft - Benjamin Sieverding


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"Being part of an ensemble taught me to look not just at my line but at all the music. The composer gives you so much information in the orchestra that you don't get from just the vocal line. That really informs your character. It allows me to be more fun and more creative if I can focus on being part of the whole at any given time."

Bass Benjamin Sieverding of Minneapolis, MN has gained notice for his “resonant, expressive bass” (StarTribune). He most recently made his Metropolitan Opera debut as one of the Offstage Voices/Jury in Brett Dean’s Hamlet. In 2022, he also made his Intermountain Opera Bozeman debut as Mr. Noble (Pish-Tush) in The Montana Mikado. In 2021, he made his Tulsa Opera debut as Betto in Gianni Schicchi and his Omaha Symphony debut performing excerpts from Mozart’s Requiem and Handel’s Messiah. In 2020, he was slated to return to Minnesota Opera to sing the roles of Bull and Neal in the world premiere of Edward Tulane, to make his Austin Opera debut as the Mandarin in Turandot, reprise the Dough’s Mate in Companionship with Virginia Arts Festival, reprise Doctor Grenvil in La traviata with Out of the Box Opera, and return to Mill City Summer Opera as Sparafucile/Ceprano in Rigoletto. Mr. Sieverding has performed several roles with Minnesota Opera including Alfred Austrian in The Fix, Prison Warden George Benton in Dead Man Walking, Colline in La bohème, Frère Laurent in Roméo et Juliette, Sacristan in Tosca, and Sarastro in Die Zauberflöte. Other recent performances include appearances with South Dakota State Symphony, Madison Opera, Glacier Symphony, Pacific Symphony, Fort Worth Opera, Opera in the Heights, Opera South Dakota, Lakes Area Music Festival, and Madison Symphony Orchestra. In the upcoming season, Mr. Sieverding returns to Minnesota Opera, The Metropolitan Opera, and Madison Opera.
To get in touch with Ben, you can visit his website: www.benjaminsieverding.com.
Email choirfampodcast@gmail.com to contact our hosts.
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