Ep. 23 - Choral Concepts for Rehearsal and Performance - Edith Copley


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"It's not about the notes. It's not about the rhythms. It's about connection. It's about getting a connection with each other, a connection to the conductor, and a connection to the music -- and discovering that it's a relationship with the music that will make a huge difference. I'm there as facilitator to make that happen."
Dr. Edith A. Copley is regents professor emeritus at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, where she conducted the Shrine of the Ages Choir, Chamber Singers, and University Singers and taught undergraduate and graduate conducting, choral methods, and graduate choral literature. Her choirs have performed at state, region, and national choral conferences, in Carnegie Hall, and have toured internationally. Prior to her 31-year tenure at NAU, she taught secondary choral music in Iowa and later in Vienna, Austria at the American International School. Copley has received numerous honors, including the NAU Centennial Teacher of the Year, Arizona Music Educator of the Year, Arizona ACDA Outstanding Choral Director, and The Weston H. Noble Award from her alma mater, Luther College. She has served ACDA as a state and regional president, and interest session chair for the 2011, 2019 and 2021 national conferences. Copley is currently ACDA national president-elect. She has conducted all-state choirs in over 30 states, ACDA and NAfME national honor choirs, and international choral festivals in Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, Luxembourg, Tasmania, England, Australia, China, Oman and Turkey.

To get in touch with Edith, you can email her at ec@nau.edu or find her on Facebook @edith.copley.9 .
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