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Episode 116:

SUNNY & CHERNOBYL | The Jockeys Welcomes Their First Official Guest, Will Bryan, RRA, RT (R) (VI). Will is a Radiologist Assistant with 10 years experience in the Radiology field. Will joins the Jockeys in the "Hot Seat", as they discuss Chernobyl: Lost Tapes. A documentary using unseen footage from that tragic day and days after. It is a must watch documentary. The Jockeys give it 5 Electrons! Let the Jockeys know what you think of the documentary in the comments. You may get featured on a follow up episode.
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The Catheter Jockeys | Host:
Rosevelt, RRA/RPA, RT (R) (VI)
Patrick, RT (R) (CT) (QM)
Jon, RRA, RT (R)
Our Free Clout Shout Out This Episode: Our First Official Guest | Will Bryan, RRA, RT (R) (VI)

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