Every game is now a playoff game | Buckeyes have highest-rated corners in B1G | Purdue predictions


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The Friday podcast is loaded with Ohio State football chatter as Jonah Booker joins Dave Biddle. Among the items on the docket:

* Every game is now a playoff game for the Buckeyes and that equates to a boatload of fun.

* What is the level of concern for the Purdue game tomorrow? What are our final score predictions?

* What is up with OSU's offensive line?

* While the O-line is not playing up to expectations, the defensive line absolutely is.

* What are JBook's thoughts on the Buckeyes' back seven on defense? Did you know Ohio State has the highest-rated corner tandem in the Big Ten? Well, now you do. Jonah will explain more.

All of that and more is coming your way on the Friday 5ish.

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