Almost Live: Buckeyes offense boils Purdue | Recruiting in Style(s)


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Welcome back, Garrett Wilson.

The receiver returned to the lineup after a week's hiatus and helped lead Ohio State's offense to a dominant, 59-31 victory over visiting Purdue. But don't let the final score fool you. With more than seven minutes left in the second quarter, the Buckeyes had a five-touchdown lead.

It was over.

What do we make of the performance? How does it affect Ohio State's quest for B1G and CFP crowns?

Also: Saturday got off to an unreal start when Sonny Styles committed to Ohio State.

Matt Baxendell - you may know him as The People's Champ - is here to put all things Buckeyes into perspective.

Spend some of your Sunday with us, 'Nutters!

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