Crystal Ballin' | Parker Lewis can't lose | How will Stroud handle expectations? | Horseshoe renovations?


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What is there to talk about on today's show? A better question is what is there not to talk about? Some of the many items as Dave Biddle flies solo on today's show:

* The Dean has "Crystal Balled" defensive tackle John Walker to the Buckeyes. You know what that means.

* Kicker Parker Lewis has transferred from USC to Ohio State. What does this mean for Noah Ruggles or Jake Seibert?

* Where is OSU on the scholarship count now? Will they look into the portal to add a player or two?

* After being an underdog for most of his high school and early college career, how will C.J. Stroud handle sky-high expectations that have been placed on him?

* Does the Horseshoe need renovated?

All of that and much more is coming your way on the Monday 5ish.

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