'WR U' adds to its reputation | Is OSU keeping up with NIL arms race in recruiting?


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Ohio State added to its reputation of being "WR U" last night as Garrett Wilson and Chris Olave were drafted back-to-back with the Nos. 10 and 11 overall picks in the NFL Draft. Wilson went to the New York Jets, while the New Orleans Saints traded up to get Olave. Jonah Booker joins Dave Biddle to discuss that and where the other Buckeyes might go in the draft tonight and tomorrow.

Also, is Ohio State keeping up with the arms race in college football recruiting when it comes to NIL deals? As it stands, the Buckeyes are not guaranteeing upfront money for recruits like NIL collectives at other programs.

Plus we take questions from viewers on our live broadcast and much more. All of that and more is coming your way on the Friday 5ish.

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