Bright and Clear Meditation Podcast - Meditation for Less Stress and Anxiety


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Bright and Clear Meditation features short, relaxing, guided meditations that are easy for you to enjoy, even if you've had absolutely no experience with meditation before! Join meditation coach and certified hypnotherapist Dan Griese for easy meditations to clear your thoughts, brighten your emotions and change the way you feel. The guided meditation and guided mindfulness meditation episodes are secular in nature, so the series can be enjoyed by people of all beliefs and contemplative traditions. Some episodes will feature types of meditation that you can practice while walking or exercising or being active in other ways. But, please don't listen to this podcast or practice the guided meditations while you're driving down the road… or operating power tools… or doing anything that requires your full, conscious attention. So, why wait? Let Bright and Clear Meditation help smooth out the rough edges in your day and brighten your emotional response. Break away from stress, anxiety and emotional turbulence and move toward concentration power, sensory clarity and equanimity. Enjoy Bright and Clear Meditation! For more information, please visit: or

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