Frank Romagosa on Anthro to UX with Matt Artz


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In this episode of the Anthro to UX podcast, Frank Romagosa speaks with Matt Artz about his UX journey, from starting at E-Lab (Sapient) to his current role as Senior User Experience Researcher at CloudSort Corporation. The conversation covers the earlier days of design research, the maturation of UX, and why surprise is helpful when presenting insights. About Frank Romagosa Frank Romagosa is ananthropologist, a design and research strategist, and a brand and business builder, based in New York, USA. For over 20 years Frank has worked with designers and product leaders from a broad range of Fortune 100 enterprises to young and nimble startups to build new products, platforms, services, and user experiences. Frank has helped major banks like CitiCards, Wells Fargo and Chase seize new opportunities that impact the lives of ordinary people while delivering new avenues of sustainable business growth. Frank has also helped start-ups in financial services and related hybrid industries push through the messiness of their potential customers’ everyday lives to prioritize new features in the early days of business creation. He is currently a Senior User Experience Researcher at CloudSort Corporation. Recommended Links

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