Ana Pitchon on Antro to UX with Matt Artz


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In this episode of the Anthro to UX podcast, Ana Pitchon speaks with Matt Artz about her UX journey, ecological anthropology, and how UX research can contribute to policy and strategy. Ana earned a PhD in Anthropology from the University of Georgia, works as a Senior Experience Researcher for Facebook, and previously worked in the commercial fisheries sector and higher education. About Ana Pitchon Ana Pitchon is a trained cultural anthropologist currently working in a technology business integrity role. Her research in this space focuses on identifying strategic opportunities through understanding and articulating relationships through systems thinking. Her research is international in scope to inform product, policy, and strategy. She is committed to a qualitative design approach to finding solutions to complex problems, and she is a highly skilled ethnographer and cultural strategist with expertise in diverse data collection methods and analysis. Her work as an applied anthropologist in academia was focused on the commercial fisheries sector, working on sustainable food systems and communities, social resilience, aquaculture, and marine and coastal policy. Recommended Links

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