EP. 174: ADHD and Gratitude with Catheryn Wreford-Holden


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Since starting this podcast, I’ve been able to help thousands of ADHD women around the world discover their true selves and lean into their strengths. None of this would be possible, however, without the ADHD for Smart Ass Women Facebook group–the place where it all began–and the help of Catheryn Wreford-Holden, our lead Facebook group administrator. What makes our group different is the seventeen moderators who approve all posts.

Catheryn leads this team of volunteer moderators and administrators, now known as the Mod Squad, and ensures that the 65K members of our Facebook group are focused on their strengths and have a positive place to find community and feel inspired to seek out solutions. Catheryn herself is a source of inspiration and strength; despite facing unimaginable hurdles throughout her life, she makes a conscious choice every day to focus on the good.

Our Mod Squad is as strong as it is today because she empowers each member to find their gifts and let them shine through. I’m so excited to finally have Catheryn share her story with you.


Instagram: @essentially_cathie

Facebook: Essentially Cathie

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