Putin's Generals lose their heads...Finding a Shiny Mega-yacht . . . Khrushchev's Shoe as the Environmentally-Friendly Roach Killer . . .The "Genius" of the Fed


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In this episode Adam and Jeff discuss the command and control structure of the Russian military and the lack of innovation in the Russian army in terms of battlefield tactics. Adam talks about efforts by countries such as France to seize the mega-yachts and fancy homes of Russian oligarchs--many of whom have mysteriously died after disagreeing with the policies of the Russian government. The conversation veers to Khrushchev's famous scene at the United Nations in New York when he boasted about the superiority of the Soviet Union while pounding his shoe on a table; this gesture was not to underscore the seriousness of Khrushchev's threats but instead to kill a large roach. The all-knowing wisdom of the Fed is then highlighted as Adam and Jeff agree that its policies are correct at least 10 percent of the time. In particular, Jeff points out that America's shoppers knew that inflation was not "transitory" at least 6 months before the degreed, credentialed "experts" at the Fed managed to figure it out. Finally, the image of the much-maligned British economist John Maynard Keynes is rehabilitated somewhat by Adam pointing out that Keynes did not favor endless deficit government spending regardless of the state of the economy but instead wanted the government to increase spending during bad times and reduce spending during good times.

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