Adam Goes to the Hospital . . . And Survives!


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In this episode Adam talks about his recent medical emergency scare which caused him to go to the hospital. Adam passed out while sitting in an emergency room but was still asked to fill out paperwork. Despite the receptionist's apparent lack of enthusiasm for her job, Adam was checked into the hospital. He was put into a medically-induced coma (not poisoned by one of the orderlies as first thought) and remained unconscious for 3 days. Adam thought he might have seen God during that time but it could have just been the bright fluorescent light in his room. Adam offered a curt review of the hospital food, noting that it was essentially stripped of flavor but not half bad when compared to eating wood chips. He greatly appreciated the nurses but realized that the doctors only made personal appearances when he was either asleep or in the bathroom. But the visit ended in triumph as Adam was wheeled out of the hospital in a wheelchair with a flat tire. He does tell everyone who plans to visit the hospital for treatment or to live out their deepest masochistic fantasies to bring a list of the medications that they are taking and the doctors whom they are seeing.

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