Episode 3 - Mike Mueller Interview


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Today we bring you a great interview from Mike Mueller, Founder & CEO of LeaseHawk. As a pioneer of innovation, Mike's focus is to offer the multifamily industry powerful technology solutions. He was among the first to visualize how the Internet could change the way owners and managers marketed apartments.
Mike’s vision for innovation came full circle in 2012, when he founded LeaseHawk. Now, LeaseHawk leverages state-of-art Google technologies and machine learning models that have scored over 6 million recorded multifamily phone calls. In 2016 LeaseHawk launched the industry’s first virtual leasing agent by leveraging speech recognition. Under Mike’s leadership, LeaseHawk continues to be an innovator for the industry by consistently developing solutions that transform the way property owners and managers interact with their prospects and measure leasing performance.
Mike received the Inman Innovation Award, named one of the 12 Most Influential Executives by MultiHousing News and was selected as one of the top influencers in the industry by Multifamily Executive Magazine.
LeaseHawk focus is to bring emerging technologies to the multifamily industry. By leveraging artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and “big” data LeaseHawk enables property owner's to more effectively manage the relationship with their rental customer. With LeaseHawk you can identify your best and worst performing ad sources, so you can refine your marketing spend. LeaseHawk will give you great insight into your team’s conversion rates and call performance. LeaseHawk also helps owners save money, time and resources so you can elevate your customer engagement, response time, and ultimately, your results.
Contact LeaseHawk:

Click HERE to see a demo of LeaseHawk
Click HERE for general questions about LeaseHawk
Contact LeaseHawk at: (800) 485-8430
Visit: www.leasehawk.com

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