Ep. 4 - Apartments and Drone Goggles? - Part 1 Interview w/ Todd Clarke


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Todd Clarke is a fourth generation Commercial REALTOR® and a second generation CCIM designee who owns New Mexico Apartment Advisors, Inc., a regional apartment brokerage firm, and Cantera Consultants & Advisors, a full service international consulting firm.
Todd is an award winning international CCIM instructor who has authored and taught courses around the globe to thousands of students. His courses are energetic, dynamic and focused on adding value to the client. Todd is also recognized as a technology guru/writer/instructor that has had success taking the leading edge in tech and applying it to commercial real estate.
Todd has also won numerous awards for teaching, marketing, and for his volunteer time. He was the founder of the Commercial Association of REALTORS® in New Mexico, a past president of the New Mexico CCIM chapter and has served the CCIM institute in dozens of volunteer positions including Chair of Technology, Chair Body of Knowledge, CCIM Course Chair and many more.
The Multifamily Review

Contact Todd Clarke:
Call: 505.440.8633
Fax: 800.791.4047
Email: tclarke@nmapartment.com
Visit: NM Apartment Advisors

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