Sean McPhillips Interview Kimberly Anvinson


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In this episode I had the privilege of interviewing Kimberly Anvinson the director of NDSU’s bookstore. In this podcast we discuss her background and the decisions that lead her to her current position, what her career entails, and then some pieces of advice that she has for students and anyone else looking to enter the workforce. During the interview I wanted to discuss what she believes are the best things for people to focus on to be successful in their career. While discussing skills she mentions the ones that the Clifton StrengthsFinder says are hers. She also states that people should take it to determine their own strengths. After discussing strengths, we talk about some concepts that are key to someone in sales and marketing. These included customer service, inventory management, leadership skills, and how to be competitive in your market. The last thing that this interview focused on was any Advice she had for college students and anyone else looking to get into a career. Along with the basic advice she talks about advice she has for cover letters, resumes, and job interviews. If you are looking to get some advice to improve your skills this podcast is right up your alley. Kimberley was an excellent source of information and I hope many people take her advice. For more excellent episodes don't forget to listen to our other podcasts and subscribe to the channel.

If you are interested in the article that Kimberly coauthored the link is listed below and the article starts on page 60.{%22

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