Interview with Jim Hambrick: Yome and Bikram


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In our podcast, we interview the Vice President of Cornerstone Bank, Jim Hambrick. Yome Hailu and Bikram Bhandari are seniors at NDSU’s College of Business, in Marketing and Finance respectively Jim works on managing business banking relationship portfolios and supervising his cash management sales team. Throughout the interview, we go over many different topics about his job, his history and how he does it all. We learn about how he came to position he has today, how he help start the first Starion Bank in the Fargo-Moorhead area and his current day to day in what the life of a Vice President is at Cornerstone Bank. We also delver deep into that role, and what qualities it takes and what qualities you need to both manage a team of people, and what you should expect from them.

In the podcast, we wish to take away key aspects of what it takes to be successful, and how small businesses can acquire business loans from banks like his, as Jim gives the other side of how that processes works, showing the human side of what it like to be the banker. We hope listeners will gain some knowledge that can aid you in the endeavors that you seek, whether that’s with getting loans, advice for managing, or a recipe for success. Enjoy!

-Yome Hailu and Bikram Bhandari

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