Inner Child Healing


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What is your inner child? As you are growing up you deal with disappointments, traumas and in some cases neglect or abuse. Most parents are dealing with their own stresses and issues and their actions are not intentional but they greatly impact you. As adults you are often traumatied by events that happen in your life such as being abandoned, rejected or ignored. Imagine the impact when you are an innocent child dealing with those same emotions. It is overwhelming and gets ingrained in our subconscious as all traumas do - on both a physical and cellular level. We may not be aware of how the inner child steers our lives, but it does. Inner child healing allows you to reframe the parts of your chldhood that have been lost and forgotten yet the impacts reside within your subconscious. Oftentimes, as a child you get so wounded by the events you experiene that your inner child needs healing, support, and reinforcement through a variety of coping tools. Being aware of this wounded side of yourself and allowing you to 'connect, honor and and get in-touch' with that side of you has the ability to heal and transform you. On this show, we discuss inner child healing and help Guide you towards healing and transformation! We'll be taking your calls throughout the show! Phone lines open at 8:45pm. Call us at 646-716-9764. Check out our Caller Guidelines on our main profile page! Namaste!

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