4: Why I Guarantee Bookings (& Why That's Controversial)


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I have worked in the PR and publicity world for over 15 years and I know how clients want concrete answers to things we don’t always have control over - ROI and conversion, for example. This is the reason why most agencies don’t give guarantees to their clients.

But when I started my own business I was determined to give my clients some sort of solid guarantee - even if it went against the typical PR “rules.” Why? Because as a small business owner myself, I know it’s hard to invest so much money in publicity without even knowing what results you’re going to see on the other end.

But here’s the thing - publicity can be guaranteed and I can attest to this with the work we have done (and are currently doing).

So if you’d want to learn what guarantees I offer to clients, the important things you need to think about when looking for a publicity agency and how you can find the best agency to cater to your business’ needs, listen in on this episode today.

[01:16] Why I don’t agree with PR pros not guaranteeing the number of placements to clients.

[04:00] My thoughts on how publicity should be done. Don’t know what publicity is? Check Episode 2 out to learn more.

[05:10] Making the controversial decision of guaranteeing the number of placements for my clients.

[06:16] Publicity isn’t something immediate and fast.

[07:18] The guarantee we give on the two packages we offer for our Podcast Pitch Broker service.

[10:26] What to think about before hiring a publicity or PR agency.

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