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Several aspiring entrepreneurs are put off by the idea of marketing: what if people don’t want to buy my services? How do I reach the right customers? How do I keep my customers coming back?

In this YAP Snack, we’re chatting with some of the biggest names in marketing - Kelly Roach, Jay Abraham, Seth Godin, and Alex Hormozi - about how to lock in your customers.

They break down some of their tried-and-true marketing strategies, like conviction marketing, preeminent business, and targeting a smallest viable audience. They discuss the value of building trust with your customers and why you shouldn’t market your product to large groups of people when you’re just starting out. They also talk about how to position yourself as the leading authority in your field and why that attracts long-term customers.

This YAP Snack is a MUST for any young entrepreneurs or people who are considering starting a business. Marketing doesn’t have to be scary! By the end of this episode, you’ll have a better understanding of how to meaningfully market your brand to the people who need it most.

Topics include:

- Kelly Roach’s Conviction Marketing Pyramid

- Diversifying your marketing strategy

- Establishing conviction

- Permission marketing

- Targeting a smallest viable audience

- What is preeminent business?

- Becoming the top authority in your industry

- Alex Hormozi’s Value Equation

-And other topics…

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